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Purpose/Goal: To dial in technical skills while growing the knowledge in becoming self-sufficient when taking climbing outside. 

Intro to Outdoors:
  • Overview how to read a guidebook
  • Understanding different gear used for climbing outdoors
  • Top Roping skills and Belaying skills on the wall
  • For newer climbers or those wanting to take their indoor skills out onto real rock
  • LNT and ethics
Anchors and Rappelling:
  • Learning how to build, assess and clean anchors through lowering off and Rappelling down the wall
  • Understanding and practicing the difference between lowering off and Rappelling off route
  • Building confidence in problem solving
  • Focusing around ethics at different climbing areas
Sport Climbing 101:
  • Transition skills of leading indoors to outside 
  • Going over Lead Falling and the different potential dangers one can encounter outside vs. inside
  • Overview of gear  and rope management techniques
Trad Climbing 101
  • Teach about placements, trad anchors, different movement encountered, 
  • Talk about cleaning and following on trad, with the potential to discuss and go over leading trad. 
  • How to follow Trad, climb cracks and develop understandings for different styles of climbing
Mental Approach to Climbing:
  • Projecting Mentality
  • Working past plateaus
  • Head Game
  • Training Plans
  • Leader Transitions on route
  • Belaying from above
  • Transitoning into the multipitch realm.
  • Multipitch efficiencies

Self Rescue 101:
  • How to escape a belay
  • How to get you and your partner out of tricky situations
  • Descending and Ascending ropes
  • Counterbalance rappel
  • Hauling: 2:1, 3:1, and 5:1

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Book a 30 minute phone consultation with a certified guide to place you in the proper course with a mentor that best suits whatever goals you are seeking!

*$20 donation/application fee for consult

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